For both newly built homes and existing homes in and around Bee Cave, we offer insulation services. Our team of experts has the competence and efficiency to meet the insulation needs of your new house. Call us right away to arrange a no-cost consultation.


Depending on local building rules, climate, and the exact design of your home, spray foam insulation may be used in attics and crawl spaces in different ways and according to different criteria. We can evaluate the insulation needs of your property and make specific recommendations because we are insulation specialists.

Spray foam insulation can offer a number of advantages, such as improved energy efficiency, air sealing, moisture control, and more, in a home's vented attics and crawl spaces.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Air leakage occurs frequently in crawl spaces and attics with vents. You may properly seal these areas and stop the flow of air between the inside and outside of the house by using spray foam insulation. This insulation aids in minimizing heat gain in the summer and loss in the winter, increasing the energy efficiency of your home and lowering cooling and heating expenses.

Air Sealing: Attic and crawl space air sealing: Spray foam insulation works well as an air barrier, plugging holes and fractures. It fills the spaces and sticks to the surfaces, sealing them off and preventing air infiltration and exfiltration. This promotes comfort, enhances consistency in indoor temperatures, and lessens drafts.

Moisture Control: Condensation and water infiltration are common problems with moisture in ventilated attics and crawl areas. By forming a barrier that restricts the entry of moist air into these spaces, spray foam insulation can assist manage moisture issues. Spray foam with closed cells also serves as a vapor barrier to keep out moisture, which can encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Reduced Pest Infestation: Spray foam insulation can assist prevent pests from entering the attics and crawl spaces of your home by blocking entry sources. The likelihood of an infestation is decreased since the foam plugs any holes and cracks that pests like mice and insects can utilize as entry points.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Outdoor pollutants, allergens, and dust can enter the house through vented attics and crawl spaces. Spray foam insulation fills in these cracks and crevices, sealing them off from these contaminants' entry and enhancing indoor air quality. Additionally, it can lessen the transfer of aromas and airborne pollutants into living spaces from other parts of the house.

Support for Structures: The attic or crawl space area may benefit from additional structural support provided by spray foam insulation. It sticks to the surfaces it comes into touch with, increasing the structure's overall strength and rigidity.


Low- or high-pressure, two-component polyurethane spray foam is used to apply low-density foam. Walls, ducts, ceilings, vented attics and crawl spaces, and unvented attics can all be treated with low-density spray foam. Even though it is described as an air barrier, vapor and moisture can pass through. During building, wall fractures are frequently sealed using it. Similar to low-density foam, medium-density SPF is frequently used for attics without vents, continuous insulation, and filling interior wall voids. On the other hand, applications requiring the highest R-value insulation per inch frequently employ closed-cell medium-density spray foam. In addition to serving as an air, vapor, and water barrier, medium-density foam also reduces noise.


Maintaining interior air quality and avoiding moisture buildup require proper ventilation. Using spray foam insulation in a house with poor ventilation or airflow may make those problems worse. Before considering spray foam insulation, it is crucial to make sure the house has adequate ventilation and proper air exchange. Additionally, access to the regions being insulated is necessary for spray foam insulation. Applying the insulation efficiently and uniformly may be difficult if there are obstructions, few access points, or complicated building structures. Alternative insulating techniques might be more useful in certain circumstances.


With our insulation services, we provide knowledge, effectiveness, and high standards for workmanship and safety. We take code compliance very seriously, so we make sure the insulation we use in your Bee Cave home is appropriate. Ask us if there are any federal tax credits available for the insulation work on your house as well.

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